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Whether you’re searching for something on google or you’re just browsing through products on Amazon, you’ll never want anyone having a peek in your life.

In this age of rising data analytics, fraudulence, and misuse, you can never be sure if your data is in good hands.

The wave which was started by Snowden has now swept to every nook of the digital world, and everything can be hidden now. In fact, if you’re not using VPN, you’re not even trying to stay hidden.

Luckily, even the content you share on E-Mail can be hidden. But the catch here is that you cannot use your conventional E-Mail Providers.

Services provided by mainstream providers like Gmail, Outlook and even Yahoo Messenger are always under scrutiny.

So, here we will tell you about the 3 best and most secure E-Mail providers. Each offering something unique. Choose the one that fits your needs:

1. ProtonMail

Having an account with ProtonMail guarantees blinding the eyes of NSA. The servers are situated in Switzerland in a mountain.

The two-factor authentication is just the beginning. The next is end to end encryption and browser-side decryption. And most importantly, ProtonMail is Open Source so you can expect the best of updates.

You can also enable or disable IP logging according to your wish. Disabling it ensures that your emails cannot be traced back to your IP address.

A password can also be added to your emails to make sure that they read by only those who you permit.

Get ProtonMail for free:

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Just like Switzerland and many other European countries, Belgium has laws which keep NSA away from secure data.

Mailfence creators have been in the industry of safe keeping data from 1999, which is long before the trend of securing data even started. So rest assured, you can be sure that your data is in safe hands.

Mailfence like most other providers has end to end encryption and two-factor authentication. Apart from that, there are no other unique features. It not Open Source as well.

Also, since the company is based off in Belgium, laws there dictate that if ordered by a Judge, the company has to comply and provide access to the demanded data.

The only upside here is that since the company has been in the game for long, you can be sure that they are reliable.

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Tutonota servers are based in Germany, which has now agreed to support NSA in their surveillance programs. But still, the Federal Data Protection Act is pretty solid.

Be that as it may, besides server area, Tutanota makes an exceptionally convincing secure administration. From multiple points of view, their list of capabilities to a great extent reflects that of ProtonMail.

In the event that you email a record that isn’t encrypted like Gmail or Yahoo Mail, at that point Tutanota sends a connection to a brief record where the receiver can see the encoded message.

They have end to end encryption and are going to add the facility to encrypt metadata as well. But as it turns out they are still struggling with methods to support PGP encryption.

One of the main USPs of Tutanota is that it does not keep any tab for more than 2 weeks.

A premium account of Tutanota costs 1 Euro (Rs. ~75) which allows you the functionality of changing inbox rules, add five aliases and even using your own domain.

Get Tutanota for free:

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In the end, whatever provider you choose, keep in mind that every factor is important. From Server location to the type of encryption used.

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Let us know in the comments below which provider to do you prefer and trust.


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