Apple WWDC 2017
Apple WWDC 2017

Apple’s WWDC (WorldWide Developers Conference) 2017 has concluded, and it was bunched up with a lot of exciting news for every Apple lover. Most of the announcements were anticipated, but that didn’t make it any less interesting.

Without keeping you longer, here are the announcements:


1. iOS 11

A lot of new changes have been implemented in IOS 11, and old features like Siri have been updated for a better experience. The robotic voice has been enhanced to sound more human, and it also has a great prediction system to know what you feel like doing and suggest accordingly. Even the questions you ask will be answered thoroughly.

There have been a lot of visual changes like the Control Center has got an extension from a half page to full page coverage, and now pulling down the Notification Center also reveals the Lock Screen. Files can also be dragged and dropped like in MacOS except that this feature can be utilized within apps in iPhones and anywhere in the IPads.
Other than this, small tweaks like new animations, buttons with no borders, etc. have also been introduced.

All the iMessages will be automatically stored in the cloud, and Apple Pay will be implemented in the iMessages as well allowing you to send money directly.

But the most exciting change is App Store which will be getting completely redesigned.


2. iMac

A new 21.5 inches & 27 inches iMac has been announced, and it will also be available in Retina with a 4k display. It will be 43% brighter than the previous generations and will also have 7th Generation Kaby Lake processor.

And iMac Pro will give workstation-class performance into 5K iMac design. All this indicates that iMac will be a primary focus of Apple for the coming years.


3. MacBook

The MacBook line is also getting updated with SSD’s and faster chips. Even the graphics get a bump in the 15-inch Pro. The MacBook will start from $1299, and the 13-inch MacBook Pro with Touch Bar will cost $1799.


4. HomePod

As soon as Amazon Echo was released to compete with Google Home, we knew that Apples reply wouldn’t be far behind. And with HomePad you can guarantee quality assistance in your homes but apparently come at a price. To quantify Apples HomePod will cost $349 as compared to $129 for Google Home and $179 for Amazon Echo. It comes in two colors – Black & White.

With price almost doubled, here’s what you can expect from it. The design is inspired from Mac Pro as it stands 7” and covered in mesh. With Siri included you can be sure that assistance will be provided in abundance. But the real focus of Apple has been on the sound quality. The HomePod will have 7 beam-forming tweeters and a 4” sub-woofer. It also comes with Real-Time acoustic modeling, Audio beam forming and echo cancellation.

It is also adaptive to its surroundings and adjusts its output voice depending on where it has been placed and if the room is large or small. The official date has been said to be sometime in December.


5. IPad Pro

The IPad Pro got a new brother with a 10.5-inch screen, and the borders have been reduced to give it a more sleek look. It has a 120Hz display fresh rate which better support for the Apple Pencil which works like a charm on it.

It comes with a six-core A10X Fusion chip which has a huge advantage over the old A9X. The camera is the same as the New iPhones which 7 megapixels on the front camera and 12 megapixels on the back.

With the IOS 11 already updated in these models, you get a full-size onscreen keyboard and also connectivity to smart keyboards. The True Tone Screen which has been introduced promises to have ultra-low reflectivity, increased brightness, support HDR videos and most importantly adjust colors according to the room.

Also, Apple claims that the battery on the new IPad will last for 10 hours. The best thing is that the IPad went on shelves the moment the event ended. It starts from $649.


6. macOS 10.13 High Sierra

From HomePod to High Sierra, this conference had some strange names. And to top it off there are not many changes in this version either, but the ones which are included do polish the OS.

Like the Photo Editor will be made easier for the general public to use and the photos will be easier to sort according to order or even tags. Our beloved Spotlight will be integrated into Mail and will thus take up less space.

But the most significant update goes to Safari. It will be faster and better looking with changes to graphic and RAM consumption. A new developer language has been – Metal 2 to include support for VR.


7. watchOS 4

There will be multiple new faces for Apple watch including one with Siri. Whenever you tilt your watch to face you, new updates will be displayed on the screen like a reminder to call, exercise time, weather updates, etc.

Internal maps and directories will also get an update. With speed limit and lane guidance for navigation. Also while driving, the Do Not Disturb screen will be activated.

A Toy Story face was also announced which will be animated and a Kaleidoscope face which provides a symmetrical pattern effect that is activated by spinning the crown on the side of the watch.

A new way to workout, which is HIIT (High-Intensity Training Interval) has been added, and you can even set your monthly challenges.

And finally, Apple has joined with Amazon to bring Amazon Prime videos to its TV app.


This was all for the WWDC 2017 and as expected Apple didn’t disappoint us. What do you Apple fans think? Do let us know in the comments. 🙂


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